jeudi 29 avril 2010

What Does Facebook Reveal About You?

Facebook privacy has been in the news lately with many users thinking that the privacy settings on the site are to darn complicated and hidden to be effective. As a result information are publicly available which some users might have no intention to share with the world.

Facebook itself is not really helpful when it comes to information that they share about a specific user. That user could take a day off and poke around in the vast and extensive settings that affect a user’s privacy but that’s not really a practical thing to do.

A better approach is to request all data from Facebook’s new api to see which information are revealed about a specific Facebook user.

What does Facebook publish about you and your friends is such an online service. All it takes is to enter a Facebook username, name, email address or keywords to display information about that user directly on the service’s page.

It will display the user’s name, profile picture and other information if they are publicly available. This includes friends, family, events, activities, posts, notes, likes and more.

The tool is pretty handy to reveal which information are shared publicly with anyone who uses the api to retrieve user information.

Users who notice that information are publicly available might want to check their Facebook privacy settings to block those information.

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