mercredi 14 janvier 2009

Control you PC with your head and your face

HeadMouse 2 is a interesting software program for computer users who cannot or do not like to use their hands when controlling the computer mouse. The software is compatible with most Windows operating systems including Windows Vista or Windows XP. The only other requirement is a webcam with a minimum resolution of 640×480. The program will initiate a user face detection during first run to calibrate the webcam for best results. All that is needed to do in this phase is to move the head until a drawing of a face appears in the middle of the computer monitor.

That’s the end of the calibration phase and HeadMouse 2 can be used from then on to control the computer mouse. The mouse cursor can be moved by turning the head into the direction it should be moved. Turning the head to the left side would move the cursor to the left while turning it up would move it up.

There are three different methods to perform a mouse click. A mouse click can be initiated by closing the eyes, opening the mouse or not moving the head around for 1.5 seconds. At least one method has to be activated. Objects like windows or icons can be moved using the very same principle by clicking once on the object to activate it, moving the head to move it and clicking again to place it.

head mouse

There are several occasions where HeadMouse 2 could come in handy. It provides the means to control the mouse with a webcam and movement of the head. While it is not as fast as using the hands to control the computer mouse it provides sufficient means to work with the computer.


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