lundi 7 avril 2008

Privat Bittorrent Sites Open Registration Reminder

Private Bittorrent Sites are the Holy Grail of the Bittorrent scene. While some are invite only others close their doors for new registrations when they reach a certain member count and open them again once that count drops to a lower level. Keeping track of all those websites - or even one - can be quite time consuming because you have to be there at the right moment. When registration opens again the spots are usually taken in a matter of minutes or hours and not days.

I did cover the Open Registrations Checker before here at Ghacks and I just read the article over at Torrentfreak that explains how they pimped it up to contain the hottest Bittorrent sites around. You do need the Open Registration Reminder software and an updated sites file that contains the Bittorrent websites.

Download the Open Registration Reminder [link] from the developers homepage and the trackers.rar as well. The zip file has to be unpacked and put into two locations on your hard drive. For one in the installation directory of the Registration Checker and two C:\Documents and Settings\ [Your Computer Name].

open registration checker

The program currently supports 166 private Bittorrent websites that can be watched for open registrations.

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