mercredi 9 janvier 2008

When do you know that you are listening to too much black / death / doom metal ?

  1. on your page the adsens(google ads and such) shows only memorial services and suiside help lines.
  2. you have decided to call your kittie the black beast of doom although it is closer to being a 4 inch rat with whiskers.
  3. limited to the ages of 12-17 usually males (feel free to correct)- your mother stopped fearing of entering your room and catch you in the act of fapping and replaced it with an anxiety of catching you slaughtering some animals you found in the yard.
  4. you have decided to change your middle name to Huns, or some other weird name mainly used in the Carpathian forests
  5. you awake at night with the sudden urge to run into a snowy forest dressed all in warpaints and black cloths and spikes just to pose in weird ways in front of your imagenary foes casting satanic black magic
  6. when you calculate how old youll have to be to take your first born to his or her first waken fest
  7. when you have so many cds in your room that you took your posters out since they are no longer needed
  8. when you find out that you forgot to turn off the media player yesterday nigt by hearing the same band only its theyr 13th album (everyone knows that only true bands have 30 albums and bootlegs)
  9. when you find yourself writing a fan letter to burzum...
  10. when you can actually understand what the hell those guys are growling about (im talking judas iscariot not children of buttox)
You can understand these example by this two videos of Gävel :

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